Pepega Everything

Everything you know about Pepe The Frog Emote

Imagine a deep conversation with your friend and he makes a claim which doesn’t sound realistic. And at the back of your mind, you’re thinking, ‘Is he really that stupid?’. Pepega as a meme describes that feeling. Pepega is Reddit’s and Twitch’s brainchild. It features Pepe the Frog and his iconic expression which shows the despairing look. It is a sound representation of a person wondering as to how stupid the person he is talking to actually is. 

Now, that I’ve explained the context. Let us understand the pepega meme in detail. For people having questions such as ‘What does pepega mean’, or ‘What is pepega in general’, stick around because we’re going to answer all your questions. 

What does Pepega mean

When was Pepega popularized?

Pepega became popular as a Twitch Emote which general has its root to Twitch streamer Forsen. If you’re actively using ‘Pepe the Frog’ today, you must know that it has an actual history and its own moment of glory etched in the history of not just Twitch but Reddit as well. 

It all started on 8th April 2018, when a user called Adew in a conversation on Discord, posted the pepega emote. Pepega derived its name from Adew’s attempt to post the meme for forgetting to add a second colon to it. You can refer to the image below to understand the entire context. 

Pepega Chat


How is Pepega used? 

Pepega is often used as a replacement for the word ‘retard’. Since using the word retard can be offensive to some, it is used to bash a person in a humorous tone. It is generally followed by a slang pejorative to highlight that a person has a mental condition. The words “For San” are popularly used with the word Pepega and that refers to Twitch streamer Forsen. This emote can often be seen in r/forsen subreddit and Twitch chats. 


Download Pepega

How did Pepega become viral? 

Pepega was added to FrankerFacez on the same date as the discord chat. Around five months later, a Reddit user who goes by the username ‘elojudx’, posted the emote to r/forsen suggesting that the emote has been added to Forsen’s chat. This addition ensured that the emote was spammed by the members of the community showing their displeasure towards the emote. 


A few days later on 14th September, a Reddit user BikoPikog presented his own iteration of a pepega meme when he posted a Ghostbusters parody of the emote. After posting the pepega to r/forsen, he gained 69 points on the subreddit. 


The image that you see above is an additional version with a horn. And there are few with words ‘’For San” to depict that the emote is shouting the word “Forsen’’ in a silly voice. This iteration of the pepega emote was posted on October 12th, 2018 and it gathered steam after another pepega meme posted on 17th October 2018, gained over 240 likes. 

What is the Pepega song? 

The Pepega wildfire as you’d imagine made its way to YouTube as well. There’s an actual song called ‘Pepega The Song’ uploaded by YouTuber ‘Rich Parents with Emo Kids’. The video has attracted nearly 120,000 views since its upload. Apart from the official Pepega song, whose lyrics we’ll be sharing with you shortly, there’s a great number of Pepega meme compilation drawing over 100,000 views on average. Another popular track called ‘Pepega Pls’ One posted by YouTuber ‘Ongaku’ has over 500,000 views. 

The Pepega song has lyrics that flow as follows: 

“When you gachibass when you see a hot girl, Pepega, Pepega. 

When you watch Foresen’s stream in full screen mode, Pepega, Pepega.

When you raid a channel all by yourself, Pepega, Pepega. 

When you exclude Twitch from AdblockPlus, Pepega, Pepega. 

When you watch the Rajj Show for dating tips, Pepega, Pepega. 

When you wake up in Sweden and say good morning to trainwrecks, Pepega, Pepega. 

When you true LULW but you muted the stream, 

When you subbed to Forsen for the CD emote, Pepega, Pepega

When you stream sniped soda but forgot to plug the mic, Pepega, Pepega, Pepega.

When you start a crab rave and no one is banned, Pepega, Pepega, 

When you spam ‘:)’ when the streamer says “who”, Pepega, Pepega, 

When you gift 20 subs in Ninja’s channel, Pepega, Pepega

When you copy the names of copypasta spammers, Pepega, Pepega.

When you consider the D OMEGALUL C a top-notch memer, Pepega, Pepega. 

When the stream turns off and you donate $5, Pepega, Pepega. 

When you 3Head Destiny and 5Head kandyland, Pepega, Pepega. 

When you choked your hamster between your knees.”


I hope this blog covered everything you needed to know about this popular Reddit and Twitch emote – Pepega which later spread like a wildfire on YouTube as well.